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IndustryWeek Executive Editor, Steve MinterStay up-to-date and track forecasts of global manufacturing economic and international trade issues with news, analysis, and commentary. The subject matter ranges from manufacturing trends, public policy and regulations in developed and emerging markets to global regulation, currency exchange rates, and global manufacturing and sourcing strategies. You’ll also find information about the latest issues that affect U.S. manufacturers’ competitiveness: tax, trade and labor policy; federal state and local government agencies and programs, and judicial, executive and legislative actions.

-- Coverage is led by Executive Editor Steve Minter, with an assist from Editor-in-Chief Patricia Panchak.

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API: Energy 'Superpower' US Needs to Move Now on LNG Exports

  • Apr 22, 2014

    Energy Change You Can't Believe In 2

    Manufacturers in a recent poll say they are skeptical about an "energy premium" and, if one comes, unlikely to spend the windfall on more workers....More

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