Why Play Bigger Companies that define and dominate a category take about 75 of the profits and market value say authors from left Dave Peterson Christopher Lochhead Al Ramadan and Kevin Maney Colin Vincent Photography

Why Play Bigger? Companies that define and dominate a category take about 75% of the profits and market value, say authors (from left) Dave Peterson, Christopher Lochhead, Al Ramadan and Kevin Maney.

Are You Different or Just Better?

In the fast-moving world of “category kings,” warn the authors of Play Bigger, creating a great product is not enough to ensure success.

Think different. Apple’s Steve Jobs drummed that message into consumers for many years and it was core to the company’s identity and its meteoric growth. Apple was not the bland world of beige desktop PCs (think Microsoft). It was about color and cool, about providing elegantly designed devices that worked seamlessly within a product and service ecosystem (think iPhone and iTunes).

In Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers and Innovators Create and D

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