Greg Glebe, founder of Xylem Design, a Fort Collins, Colo.-based manufacturer of pedestals for art, museums and trade shows, is a new convert to lean.

In 2012, he started incorporating the ideas of lean advocate Paul Akers, who promotes making “two-second improvements” - simple, fast process improvements.

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As workers successfully make lean improvements, Glebe encourages them to create 30-second videos showcasing the changes they've made. The videos are then uploaded to the company's YouTube channel and reviewed during the Lean Lunch -- a daily hour-long meeting of all employees.

The Lean Lunches are intended to be upbeat rallying cries of sorts for the workers to see and share the progress being made, and feel like a crucial component of that process. Glebe often shows videos from pleased customers and encourages open discussion amongst the team.

Lean Lunch

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