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on Jul 11, 2014

The examples shown would have had a larger impact if it would have shown the $s shown overseas that are not repatriated due to tax laws. All these $s could have been used back in US (jobs, assets, acquisitions, etc), if tax laws were not so penal on revenue recognized from overseas sales/operations.

on Jul 14, 2014

The real problem is that these moochers don't want to pay taxes at all. Most of these large multinational companies game the current tax system they rail against, paying a fraction of the admittedly high corporate tax rate.

The alternative is the much ballyhooed flat tax that they equally hate because they would probably have to pay more than they pay now, under our current high rate.

Bottom line is that congress has the tax system exactly how they want it...able to supply favors to their biggest donors, regardless of party affiliation. Small business and middle class individual payers get the shaft (as usual).

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