Even as economic woes continue to afflict European business, manufacturing in the U.S. is marching ahead. 

IW U.S. 500 manufacturers saw revenues inch upward 1% to $6.07 trillion in 2012, led by the unsurpassed success of companies like Colfax Corp. (IW 500/238), a manufacturer of gas- and fluid-handling products that saw a 464% growth in revenue from the previous year. 

The companies comprising this year's IW U.S. 500 -- IndustryWeek's annual list of the largest publicly held U.S. manufacturers based on revenue -- boasted the highest total revenues recorded on the IW 500 to date. 

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However, while overall revenues crept upward, total profits slipped downward 9.16% to $506 billion. Ten percent of the IW 500 companies didn't turn a profit in 2012, with Boston Scientific Corp. (IW 500/147) suffering a 56.12%, or $4 billion, net loss. 

map of manufacturing in the US

Pictured above: Texas and California knock it out of the park: Each state houses more than 50 of the IW U.S. 500 manufacturing companies.

Such a disparity reveals the toll the eurozone crisis continues to take on U.S. manufacturers, even as domestic profits are rebounding. In 2012, domestic manufacturing profits spiked 52%, according to GDP accounts.