Manufacturing is an industry ripe for Big Data transformation. The entire product lifecycle -- from the supply chain to post-production -- creates so much data. But, how do you harness all that data horsepower in a way that makes it easy to understand? Couple in-memory analytics with visual analytics, then stand back and watch what a difference it makes.

In a previous IndustryWeek column, I wrote about the transformative power of Big Data, especially when coupled with in-memory analytics. But, the gift of Big Data comes with the struggle to explore and present the information in a meaningful way. This is where visualization technologies paired with massive data sets can yield benefits to enhance and speed up the analytics lifecycle.

Our goal in dealing with this new normal of exponential data growth is to manage the relevant data’s Three Vs -- Volume, Variety and Velocity -- to get to the fourth V, Value (Figure 1). The Four Vs allow for new ways of seeing the business.



Going from Big Data to Valuable Relevant Data Sacco
Figure 1: Going from Big Data to Valuable Relevant Data