Editor's note: Learn strategies to unleash the creative potential of your whole company by attending Part 2 in the online training series "Everyday Innovation" on Nov. 1. 

Are some people born more creative than others? Can creativity be learned or taught? Is it limited to a gifted few? How can you find people with that special talent for innovation?

These are some of the vexing questions that come up when we try to find out: Who is creative and who isn't?

It turns out the answer is everyone.

Creativity is not a special gift endowed only upon a lucky few. It is for everyone and it is everywhere.

Dr. Michael Kirton, a renowned British psychologist, demonstrated through his research that all of us are born creative in our own ways. But the key to tapping into this creativity is understanding that our approaches to creativity differ in terms of level and style.

With this knowledge in hand, you only need to apply some key how-to aspects in order to unleash the creative potential of all your employees.