The U.S. government vowed to aggressively combat a rise in the foreign theft of trade secrets Wednesday amid mounting concerns over recent hacking attacks allegedly emanating from China.

A new strategy document released by the White House did not explicitly name China, but warned that foreign governments and firms had stepped up efforts to steal trade secrets, threatening U.S. economic and national security.

"We will continue to act vigorously to combat the theft of U.S. trade secrets that could be used by foreign companies or foreign governments to gain an unfair economic edge," the strategy document says.

"Trade secret theft threatens American businesses, undermines national security, and places the security of the U.S. economy in jeopardy," it said, adding that such actions also "put American jobs at risk."

The White House vowed to "apply sustained and coordinated diplomatic pressure on other countries to discourage trade secret theft."

The strategy was made public a day after a report by American Internet security firm Mandiant said that a Chinese military cyber-spy unit is targeting U.S. and other foreign firms and organizations with hacking attacks.

A White House official earlier said that the new strategy "is not focused on any one country, nor is it focused on cyber-security exclusively, though cyber does play an important role in the strategy."

The plan was unveiled at an event attended by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and by Victoria Espinel, the administration's "Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator."