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  • Government and the Economy

    • Mar. 4, 2013
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      With all the discussion about the renaissance of U.S. manufacturing, inshoring and insourcing, IW gathered these essential resources to provide you with an historical perspective of how outsourcing--specifically off-shore outsourcing of production--has been viewed over the years.
    • Nov. 15, 2012
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      The Fiscal Cliff

      A combination of automatic spending cuts and an end to a variety of tax cuts threatens to put the U.S. economy into recession in 2013.
    • Sep. 21, 2012
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      Election 2012

      The November election is being closely followed by manufacturers as scores of critical issues, from regulatory policy to health care to tax rates, could be determined by the outcome of the election. Visit this page for ongoing election coverage of the Obama and Romney campaigns, Congressional races and the issues most important to the manufacturing community.
  • Technology

    • Nov. 15, 2012
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      Mars Curiosity

      When NASA landed its Curiosity Rover on Mars in August of 2012, it was regarded as an unparalleled triumph of science and engineering. However, it was also a triumph of American manufacturing, the result of years of collaborative work among some of the nation's most respected and innovative companies, both big and small. Visit this page for updates to Curiosity's mission and to follow the story of this remarkable feat of manufacturing genius.
    • Apr. 10, 2013
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      Will NAMII Work? The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute is off to a racing start, set up, staffed and funding projects just months after launch. But there are still many problems to solve and questions to answer before the extent of its success--or failure--can be measured. This page will house the evolving discussion around the project as we traces the progress it makes, the obstacles it faces and the solutions it produces.
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