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Aug 19, 2016

When It Comes to Manufacturing, Words Fail Us

What is manufacturing? IndustryWeek Executive Editor Steve Minter discusses some of the new attempts to categorize manufacturing activities, the blurring of manufacturing and services, and the impact on industry business models....More
Aug 16, 2016

Disruptive Technologies and The Connected Enterprise

Disruptive technologies are driving better integrated control and information architectures designed to liberate longstanding silos of information, as well as incorporate and build upon new, disruptive technologies as they arise. Sujeet Chand of Rockwell Automation discusses this further....More
IndustryWeek's Manufacturing Voice
Aug 8, 2016

Volkswagen's Electric Magic Needs Some Work

At the annual Center for Automotive Research conference, Volkswagen shows off its new Budd-e electric crossover prototype, but its trunk proved no friend in the spotlight. IW's automotive beat writer, Laura Putre, has the story....More
Jul 29, 2016

KEEN's 'Fearless Approach' to Manufacturing Footwear in the USA

One of the perks of being a reporter is that you get to visit some of the most interesting companies around the country. That was the case for Sandy Smith, chief editor of IW's sister publication EHS Today, who visited KEEN, a family business that bucked the trend on outsourcing and founded a successful footwear company in Portland, Ore....More
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