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Apr 17, 2014

A Global Perspective on Organic Growth

David Axson, managing director with Accenture, tells IndustryWeek’s Dave Blanchard which areas of the world have the best prospects for growth in 2014....More
mobile access to production information
Apr 4, 2014

Mobile Access to Production Information

Andrew Ellis, Rockwell Automation, shows how mobile access to production information can help streamline efficiency for various roles across an enterprise. Rockwell Software Manufacturing Intelligence applications, running on the latest tablets and smart phones, bring a new level of versatility to manufacturing leaders....More
Mar 28, 2014

March 2014: Toyota, IT and Lean's New Dance [IW Monthly Podcast]

In the March 2014 edition of the IW Monthly Podcast, Toyota's IT leader, Tim Platt, joins Travis Hessman to talk about the precise, high-tech choreography of the Toyota Production System....More

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