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Jul 29, 2016

KEEN's 'Fearless Approach' to Manufacturing Footwear in the USA

One of the perks of being a reporter is that you get to visit some of the most interesting companies around the country. That was the case for Sandy Smith, chief editor of IW's sister publication EHS Today, who visited KEEN, a family business that bucked the trend on outsourcing and founded a successful footwear company in Portland, Ore....More
Jul 22, 2016

Why Manufacturing's Biggest Players Are Seeking Change

Turmoil at the top of the IW U.S. 500, our annual list of the 500 largest public manufacturing companies, can be attributed in part to trouble in the oil patch but also to a huge technology transformation sweeping through the industry....More
Jul 13, 2016

The Automation Fair Event At a Glance

The Automation Fair® event is the ideal opportunity to discover how The Connected Enterprise can help you achieve faster time to market, optimize your assets, lower your total cost of ownership and improve enterprise risk....More
Jul 8, 2016

3 Ways the US Can Pull Together for Manufacturing 1

What lessons can the U.S. learn from other countries to foster growth in manufacturing? The Brookings Institution hosted a symposium on this topic in Washington recently. Here are three takeaways from the opening panel's discussion of leadership in 21st century manufacturing....More
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