Product 2.0: Western Digital's RE2-GP 1TB "Green" Hard Drive

Product 2.0: Western Digital's RE2-GP 1TB "Green" Hard Drive

Total cost of ownership reduced and storage space maximized by going green.

IW 50 Best Manufacturer Western Digital recently released a 1 terabyte (TB) hard drive, the WD RE2-GP, which the company says makes it possible for large scale data centers to increase storage capacity without exceeding available power, and in many cases can actually reduce power consumption.

WD RE2-GP drives help combat the four major challenges large data installations face:total drive slots, maximum capacity, power allotment, and available operations expense budgetwhile lowering the overall total cost of ownership.

Key Features

Reduced power consumption -- The combination of WD's IntelliSeek, IntelliPark, and IntelliPower technologies bring optimized performance at industry leading low power consumption; power is reduced as much as 40%.

Helps enable eco-friendly servers -- Each WD RE2-GP drive consumes an average of 4-5 watts less than competitor drives making it possible for energy-conscious customers to build servers with higher capacities, ensured reliability, and promote energy conservation.

Lower total cost of ownership -- Large data-hungry organizations such as financial institutions and web service providers may realize up to $10 savings per drive per year in electricity costs (U.S). A large data center with 10,000 drives could realize up to $100,000 in saving per year.

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