2012 IW 1000 Company Profile

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
Computers & Other Electronic Products
South Korea
2012 IW 1000 Rank:
Current Rank : 15
Prior Rank : 12
Executive 1 : Kun-Hee Lee, Chairman; Chief Executive Officer;
Executive 2 : Yoon-Woo Lee, Vice-Chairman; Chief Executive Officer;
15 of 1000
Earnings Per Share Growth (%)(15.79%)
Cost of Goods Sold (US$ Millions)$96,785
Current Liabilities (US$ Millions)$38,249
Total Assets (US$ Millions)$61,709
Long Term Debt4283
Return on Equity16.05
Market Capitalization (US$ Millions)$82,928
Price to Earnings Ratio
Revenue (US$ Millions)$144,493
Total Company Assets$134,315
Revenue Growth (%)7.06%
Net Income (US$ Millions)$11,853
Earnings Per Share (US$)$76.80
Total Equity (US$ Millions)$84,232
Profit Margin (%)8.2%
Debt To Equity Ratio (%)0.05%
Inventory Turnover13564
Manufacturing Leader of the Week
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