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Rockwell AutomationMore than 70 million people are joining the middle class every year, increasing demand on manufacturing resources and infrastructure. Meeting this demand means being more productive, sustainable and flexible.

Fortunately, the convergence of new technologies including mobile devices, the cloud, and big data, can help securely connect plant information with enterprise systems. With the right network infrastructure and the ability to integrate information across IT and control systems, industrial enterprises can coordinate operations and communications – facilitating a demand-driven supply chain.

By bridging the gap between systems, Rockwell Automation is helping connect industrial enterprises to improve operations.


The Connected Enterprise White Papers
White Paper

Essentials of the Connected Enterprise

Today’s production systems already throw off data at an unprecedented rate. But the sheer volume of data—coming as it does from isolated, disparate sources...More

Key Considerations for Operationalizing the Connected Industrial Enterprise

How do you move from discussing and theorizing your connected enterprise to rationalizing and operationalizing it? Many factors need to be considered as you journey from concept to completion....More
White Paper

Design Considerations for Securing Industrial Automation and Control System Networks

The industrial control system represents the heart of production, and the security of information used for control, configuration and monitoring is critical...More
White Paper

The Connected Enterprise Maturity Model

How ready is your company to connect people, processes, and technologies for bigger profits?...More
White Paper

Network and Security Services Because Infrastructure Matters

Manufacturing Convergence – merging IT and manufacturing systems – has created the need for existence and interoperability between what were traditionally separate functions and systems...More
The Connected Enterprise Videos
Jul 15, 2015

Connected Enterprise – A Day in the Life of a Production Order

Manufacturing and Industrial operations will change more profoundly in the next five years than they have in the past 20. They are becoming connected. While this has been the dream for decades, the technology to make it possible was historically prohibitively expensive. The “Internet of Things” and other enabling technologies are changing that. The industry is at an inflection point. Beth Parkinson, director of market development for Rockwell Automation, walks through the flow of an actual production order. Enjoy a glimpse into how the accelerated connection of Information Technology and Operations Technology today enables unprecedented collaboration across the enterprise, linking processes and facilities to suppliers and customers in new ways that result in improved enterprise, plant and supply chain performance....More
Jun 24, 2015

Studio 5000 Designing Smart Machines for The Connected Enterprise

The Connected Enterprise creates tremendous opportunities for manufacturers. Learn how the Studio 5000® environment combines engineering and design elements into one standard framework that helps build the smart machines that power The Connected Enterprise. Join us to walk through typical automation design workflows and share latest best practices that can improve your automation design productivity....More
Jun 10, 2015

Fueling the Oil and Gas industry with IoT and The Connected Enterprise

Enhanced by the Internet of Things (IoT), Rockwell Automation is bringing its vision for The Connected Enterprise to life by building new forms of intelligence to transform the petroleum supply chain. In doing so, it’s also reaping bottom-line results in global productivity and competitiveness by taking information from the control system and using it to make educated business decisions with real time information....More
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