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Rockwell AutomationMore than 70 million people are joining the middle class every year, increasing demand on manufacturing resources and infrastructure. Meeting this demand means being more productive, sustainable and flexible.

Fortunately, the convergence of new technologies including mobile devices, the cloud, and big data, can help securely connect plant information with enterprise systems. With the right network infrastructure and the ability to integrate information across IT and control systems, industrial enterprises can coordinate operations and communications – facilitating a demand-driven supply chain.

By bridging the gap between systems, Rockwell Automation is helping connect industrial enterprises to improve operations.


The Connected Enterprise White Papers
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The Cloud-Based Commerce Roadmap. A Guide to Digital Transformation for Manufacturers

Forrester estimates that more than half of B2B sellers’ will migrate to the web within the next three years, so it is critical for businesses to embrace digital transformation. CloudCraze’s guide to digital transformation for manufacturers provides a roadmap for how cloud-based commerce can help solve this industry’s specific complexities and drive greater business results in the years ahead....More
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Attacking Risk at its Roots

Learn how to address brand-critical safety, security and obsolescence challenges with your automation infrastructure in this ebook from Rockwell Automation...More
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Priming the Pipeline

Modernizing pipeline equipment infrastructure and control systems can help operators address their flexibility, data-management and security needs...More
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Premier Integration

Simplify system design and programming, cut development time and boost productivity...More
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Connected Quality Management

A modern MES can simplify quality and compliance efforts while improving productivity. Learn more in this new ebook...More
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