New Wireless Access Point Extends the Reach of EtherNet/IP, Eases Access to Production Data


The Allen-Bradley Stratix 5100™ can function as a wireless access point (AP) or a work group bridge (WGB) in both autonomous and unified networks. Now, one device can provide the ability to create a complete wireless network. When you have devices that cannot connect to the wireless network organically, you can use the WGB mode. Using the Stratix 5100 as a work group bridge allows you to connect up to 19 IP addresses, while providing wireless connectivity to wired clients that are connected using TCP/IP like EtherNet/IP. This design flexibility makes accessing critical production data easier in a network with multiple remotely accessible devices – helping reduce design time and operational costs when integrating machines and equipment into the industrial control network.

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Rockwell Automation – The Connected Enterprise

Rockwell AutomationMore than 70 million people are joining the middle class every year, increasing demand on manufacturing resources and infrastructure. Meeting this demand means being more productive, sustainable and flexible.

Fortunately, the convergence of new technologies including mobile devices, the cloud, and big data, can help securely connect plant information with enterprise systems. With the right network infrastructure and the ability to integrate information across IT and control systems, industrial enterprises can coordinate operations and communications – facilitating a demand-driven supply chain.

By bridging the gap between systems, Rockwell Automation is helping connect industrial enterprises to improve operations.


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