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More than 70 million people are joining the middle class every year, increasing demand on manufacturing resources and infrastructure. Meeting this demand means being more productive, sustainable and flexible.
Fortunately, the convergence of new technologies including mobile devices, the cloud, and big data, can help securely connect plant information with enterprise systems. With the right network infrastructure and the ability to integrate information across IT and control systems, industrial enterprises can coordinate operations and communications – facilitating a demand-driven supply chain.
By bridging the gap between systems, Rockwell Automation is helping connect industrial enterprises to improve operations.


The Connected Industrial Enterprise White Papers
White Paper

Manufacturing Velocity: Positioning Your Auto Manufacturing Operations to Keep Pace With Market Demands

There’s no slowing down in the automotive industry. A customer base with a range of differing priorities for new-vehicle purchases – including safety, fuel efficiency, performance, design and options – means you’re producing more vehicles in more variations than ever while also undergoing more frequent design refreshes....More
White Paper

Designing Security into The Connected Industrial Enterprise

New technologies that securely connect plant information with enterprise systems and the Internet can improve productivity, asset utilization, and decision-making. But connecting plant-floor data with the enterprise and the cloud poses Cybersecurity risk....More
White Paper

Safety Maturity: Three Crucial Elements of Best-in-Class Safety

Best-in-class manufacturers are showing by example the value of having a safety program that can support the promise of an information-enabled connected enterprise. Integrated safety technologies are improving diagnostics and reducing unscheduled downtime...More
White Paper

Harnessing the Potential of the Industrial Cloud

Commercial technologies like cloud, mobility and big data are quickly migrating onto facility floors, and driving industrial companies towards an inflection point where their value proposition surpasses the complexities involved in implementing them. Recognizing the broad industrial potentia...More
The Connected Industrial Enterprise Videos
mobile access to production information
Apr 4, 2014

Mobile Access to Production Information

Andrew Ellis, Rockwell Automation, shows how mobile access to production information can help streamline efficiency for various roles across an enterprise. Rockwell Software Manufacturing Intelligence applications, running on the latest tablets and smart phones, bring a new level of versatility to manufacturing leaders....More
Mar 7, 2014

Virtual Support Engineer

Virtual Support Engineer offers you the ability to monitor critical assets to help prevent catastrophic downtime events....More
manufacturing intelligence strategy
Jan 31, 2014

Hillshire Brands Improves Yield with Manufacturing Intelligence Strategy

Hillshire Brands tapped manufacturing intelligence to reduce weight variance in one-pound breakfast sausage rolls and improve yield by of over 100,000 lbs. annually....More
rapid machine integration
Feb 3, 2014

King's Hawaiian Standardizes Network for Rapid Machine Integration

When growing demand called for a new production facility farther east, the signature bread company deployed a common infrastructure and advanced software to ease data sharing between machines, lines and facilities....More
MG Bryan Equipment Company Cloud Computing
Dec 26, 2013

M.G. Bryan Cloud Computing: Case Study

A heavy equipment oil and gas OEM pioneers first-of-its-kind, cloud computing asset performance management with help from Rockwell Automation and Microsoft....More
the connected enterprise
Dec 26, 2013

Rockwell Automation CEO on the Connected Enterprise on the Industrial Sector

Rockwell Automation CEO Keith Nosbush discusses the impact of the Connected Enterprise on the industrial sector....More
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