Thailand's Manufacturing Growth

Thailand is currently the 17th largest global manufacturer. It is the second largest producer of light pick-up trucks as part of it's #14 ranking in auto production. In other areas of manufacturing it ranks #2 in production of hard disk drives and occups the top spot globally in the production of natural and synthetic rubber.

Even with these strong standings, the country is looking toward positioning itself as the center of the ASEAN Economic Community which starts in 2015.

This section will follow both the manufacturing news and the country's stratetic efforts. 




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    • Mar 8, 2013

      Need a Factory in Thailand? It's Already Built

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    • Mar 7, 2013

      Growth is the Name of the Game in Thailand

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    • Feb 28, 2013

      Why is Manufacturing So Hot in Thailand?

      I leave tomorrow for a weeklong visit to factories, ports and attend meetings, all of which will explain why so many companies have chosen to manufacture in Thailand....More
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