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on Feb 13, 2017

1. Texas

The state numbers do not agree with the national numbers. On the following statement:

"Total exports for the state for 2015 were $248.2 billion. Of that $92.5 million went to Mexico. "

$92.5 million is a very small amount compared to the $248.2 billion. Are the units incorrect?

on Feb 13, 2017

Mr. Urias has a good question on the units. Corn Growers Assoc. reported that approximately 128.9 million bushels of corn were exported to Mexico in 2015/16 marketing year. That alone is in the ballpark of $450M of which Iowa should have obtained a significant share.

on Feb 13, 2017

I'm pretty sure Deere has a lot of agricultural business with Mexico. And it wouldn't surprise me if their business alone would approach the $92.5 million cited in the article. And, of course, much of Deere's production comes from the state of Iowa

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