Manufacturing in America Videos: Hendrick Motorsports' Rapid Prototyping

Jim Wall, Hendrick MotorsportsLearn how Hendrick Motorsports is using additive manufacturing to rev up its rapid prototyping.  Watch this 4-minute video featuring Hendrick’s engineering director Jim Wall.

You'll hear about Hendrick's numerous uses for additive manufacturing (3D printing), including:

  • Engineering
  • Identifying the manufacturability of a part
  • Functional prototype testing

Wall explains how additive manufacturing helps Hendrick "make mistakes faster than ever" so engineers can get critical feedback quickly.

This video was recorded at the "Manufacturing in America: Capture the Competitive Advantage" executive event produced by IndustryWeek and sponsored by Siemens, held in New York City in September 2013.

To view the video (and several other videos from the Manufacturing in America events), please complete the short form below:


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