5 Tips to Secure Trade Secrets from Larry Brock, Former DuPont Cyber Security Leader

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In today's competitive and complex manufacturing environment, numerous parties both inside your organization and out have routine access to your IP and trade secrets.

Internal engineering and R&D teams interact with this sensitive data every day. External partners and suppliers must also access it. A global supply chain demands the free flow of information and ideas.

Yet those charged with data security continue to struggle in justifying investment in IP protection to executive management.

Larry Brock, former chief information security officer at DuPont, understands these issues. The World Bank estimates IP theft worldwide costs our industry about $400 billion annually. Now more than ever, manufacturers must have a strategy and program in place to safeguard trade secrets.

Despite these threats, manufacturers continue to invest in innovation. We pour on average 3.9% of net sales back into R&D. These investments return new patents and inventions worth protecting.

In this webcast Larry Brock will share lessons learned from the front lines of protecting IP at a member of the Fortune 100. Brock helps senior IT executives at leading manufacturers realize some quick wins in the fight to protect their trade secrets.

Attendees of this webinar will learn how to protect data without impeding product innovation and business growth. Specifically, Brock will discuss 5 practical tips to:

  1. Establish a holistic IP protection program.
  2. Lobby successfully for funding to support an ongoing IP protection program.
  3. Protect your crown jewels from the growing insider and cyber threats.
  4. Improve your ability to detect cyber-attacks.
  5. Discover the weaknesses in your security and how to address them.

Learn how to safeguard your plans, formulas, designs, prototypes, methods, techniques and processes with data protection at the key point of risk -- the endpoint.


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Larry Brock, Former CISO, DuPontLarry Brock
Former Chief Information Security Officer

Larry Brock is the principal at Brock Cyber Security Consulting – LLC. His primary focus is to help companies improve their capabilities to protect, detect and respond to attacks on their intellectual property from both insider and advanced cyber threats.

Previously and for more than 11 years, he was the Global Chief Information Security Officer at DuPont. Prior to this role, he has work in other Information Technology positions, Marketing, and Research & Development at DuPont and as a Security Officer within the USAF.

Within DuPont IT, he was the CIO of the Nylon Flooring business unit. He also led the development and implementation of several large systems including; manufacturing product control, materials management, engineering maintenance, quality management, and data warehouse systems. While working in the Corporate IT group, he led the migration to open-based systems for both networking and computing.

In DuPont Research & Development, Brock led the development and deployment of imaging based systems, including a patented system to electronically move radiographs between hospitals and remote physicians.

He served as an Information Security Officer within the U.S. Air Force and assigned to the National Security Agency (NSA). He served on active duty at the NSA for 4 years and then in a reserve capacity for 26 years.

Brock has BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and is a Certified Information Security Manager, CISM.

Sponsored by Verdasys


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