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Webinar: Break the Mold: Adapt Your Labor Management Strategies to Solve the Growing Skills Gap

An IndustryWeek & MH&L-hosted webinar, sponsored by Kronos Incorporated

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In the increasingly complex, data-driven world, finding and retaining the right talent to remain competitive is a growing challenge for leading supply chains. Adding to the complexity, executives report a gap in their ability to find talent with the skill sets needed to meet today's advanced supply chain requirements. Current trends point to the skills gap widening over the next decade as millions of baby boomers retire and industry needs become more and more advanced.

Want to understand the key trends impacting the skills gap? How best-in-class companies are proactively adapting their labor management strategies to maintain production levels? And do more with less? Then be sure to join us for this expert panel discussion hosted by IndustryWeek.

What will you take away from the webinar?

  • Insight into how baby boomer retirement and millennial hiring trends are impacting today's widening skills gap
  • How leading organizations are adapting their labor management techniques to be more efficient
  • The importance of developing the talent you do have for an unknown future
  • Tips on how to stay ahead of the skills gap and prioritize your resources to get the most out of your operations 




Brent Weil
Senior Vice President for Education & Workforce
The Manufacturing Institute at the National Association of Manufacturers

Brent Weil joined The Manufacturing Institute as the Senior Vice President for Education and Workforce in January 2012. Weil leads industry engagements and builds partnerships to advance the goal of helping students and workers gain industry-recognized certifications.

Weil has more than 20 years of combined experience in public- and private-sector workforce development, management, strategic communications, and education. He managed business partnerships on behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor, forging key relationships at the Employment and Training Administration and the National Office of Job Corps. These partnerships resulted in more than 15,000 hires through the public workforce system; and developed innovative resources for recruiting and training veterans, older Americans, youth, and other nontraditional sources of workers.

John W. Frehse
Managing Partner
Core Practice LLC

John Frehse speaks around the world on a variety of best practices in the labor management field. His experience covers a wide array of strategic issues -- from analytical resource deployment modeling to implementation planning and execution. Specific tactical problems include scheduling and shift management to increasing employee satisfaction, health, morale and performance.

Over Frehse's career he has implemented solutions with Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries. Those projects have generated well over 100 million dollars in cost savings. He has done this with diverse workgroups across almost every industry including those that don't work the traditional 9-5 schedule. His proven approach has balanced operations and labor savings with employee morale initiatives to make sure cost savings stick.

Dr. Robert C. Lieb
Professor of Supply Chain Management
D'Amore Mckim School of Business
Northeastern University, Boston

Dr. Robert C. Lieb is Professor of Supply Chain Management in the College of Business Administration at Northeastern University in Boston. He designed and implemented the College's Supply Chain Management programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He has twice been awarded the College's Walsh Research Professorship. In addition to teaching at Northeastern, he has been a visiting professor at several European universities. He has provided consulting services and executive education to a broad variety of industrial and governmental clients.

Professor Lieb has written eight books and more than one hundred articles in professional journals. His research has been covered in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Logistics Management, The Journal of Commerce, Traffic World, The Financial Times, and American Shipper. While his first seven books were in the field of supply chain management, his last book, Shooting Threes and Shaking the Basketball Establishment: The Short, Chaotic Run of the American Basketball League (2014) focused on professional basketball!

He is on the editorial boards of a number of logistics and transportation journals including the Transportation Journal and Supply Chain Management Review.

His primary areas of research and consulting include third party logistics, global supply chain management, and strategic planning. Each year he conducts surveys of the CEOs of major third party logistics companies operating in North America, Europe and Asia that focus on the evolution of the third party logistics industry.

He is a member of a number of professional organizations such as the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, and the American Society of Transportation and Logistics.

Professor Lieb received his BA in Commerce from Duquesne University, and his MBA and DBA from the University of Maryland.


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