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    For Manufacturing Customer Service, a New Way to Look at Support

    Manufacturers are finding themselves focused more on customer engagement than product features. As the role of customer service departments becomes more strategic in response, there is increased pressure to transform what has traditionally been a cost center to a profit maker....More
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    A How-To Guide for Customer Service

    Whether you are in customer service, or technical support or a management team, the pressure is on. It is a world where customer satisfaction has never been more important – and never more difficult to maintain, where traditional product organizations are shifting to a service paradigm, and traditional cost centers are being transformed into revenue generators. We took a look at this evolving world and gathered together some practical ideas for getting the most out of your support organization....More
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    Optimize Service Parts for Profits

    A service supply chain must be managed effectively to ensure that service parts are available at the point of service. By optimizing service parts management, you can build customer value and boost your bottom line....More
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    Why Planning for Service is a Top Priority

    In this age of increasing product commoditization, how well you prepare to leverage services for your products may be your company’s clearest path to a competitive edge. If thoroughly and effectively planning for service isn’t one of your highest priorities, it can and should be. Your goal: to give your service people all that they need to manage the complexities of service and determine their service priorities successfully....More
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    Embraer Flies High with New Service Parts Strategy

    As its customer base has grown, the company has experienced a dramatic increase in the demand for aftermarket parts services. Embraer’s logistics team concluded that its ERP and legacy systems were not able to meet the needs of its increasingly complex services organization. Learn how Embraer used service parts management to optimize their inventory....More
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    Cloud Evolves From Point Solution To Strategic Enabler Of The New Connected Economy  

    Cloud ecosystems have the potential to disrupt business models and revolutionize the customer experience. In this new cloud landscape, firms in every industry will shift from being simply cloud adopters to becoming cloud companies themselves. Download this report for an overview of the transformation that is taking place as we move to a world of connected cloud ecosystems and describes how this evolution should change your thinking about cloud....More
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    Cloud ERP Gets 43 Percent Faster Payback

    Through discussions with customers, Nucleus Research group found that some vendors are downplaying the savings and benefits that can be gained from the cloud. Download this report for an illustration of the benefits of cloud regardless of deployment size or industry....More
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    Embrace Disruptive Innovation with Cloud ERP

    The new normal is never “normal”. We no longer operate in an environment where tried and true business practices can be applied to resolve the issues that arise in the marketplace. The name of the game in this new normal is “disruptive innovation.” But what is disruptive innovation and how can your company use Cloud ERP to stay in the game?...More
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    The Rise of Smart Operations: Reaching New Levels of Operational Excellence

    Lately, the new complexities of manufacturing — serving demanding customers with a rapidly increasing number of products and services — have tested the limits of Lean Sigma. This report discusses current approaches to transforming operating models in the manufacturing industry. Download this white paper for an analysis of research findings and guidance for companies seeking to elevate the level of their operational excellence....More
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    Quality in the Age of the Customer

    In the Age of the Customer, customers have much greater access to product news. They expect a fast response to product issues, and they can instantly share product complaints. Companies need to ensure that customers are part of a closed-loop quality process to address and mitigate issues as they arise. Learn how integrated quality with cloud PLM can bridge the gap between customers and products....More
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