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    Food Manufacturing Report: Enabling Farm-to-Table Track & Traceability with Mobile Technologies

    As the food industry races to comply with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), manufacturers are working to adopt more robust track and trace processes. A critical component to achieving compliance is the integration of automated data capture solutions throughout all stages of food production—from farm to table....More
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    What's In the Gear that Service Techs Need?

    As vehicles get smarter and connected, service organizations are finding rugged mobile devices are a “must have” in their tool bag to provide roadside emergency service or normal maintenance. Here’s why....More
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    Mobile Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Repair Services The New Service Model

    Automotive and Large Equipment Service professionals need to be mobile - in the field diagnosing and solving customer equipment operation issues – fast....More
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    Connected Quality Management

    A modern MES can simplify quality and compliance efforts while improving productivity. Learn more in this new ebook...More
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    Accelerating Global Industrial Productivity with The Connected Enterprise

    The convergence of IT and OT is critical to the success of an industrial enterprise, helping businesses to gather, analyze and transform data into actionable information for deriving tangible business outcomes...More
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    Intelligent Ingredients

    How can smart manufacturing help improve yield, productivity and efficiency in food and beverage operations...More
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    Taking Measures: Helping Ensure Mobile Device Security

    Moreover, today’s 24/7 business cycle depends on company infrastructures that are always up and running. Whether data is on the move—literally, via portable handhelds and across mobile broadband and WiFi networks—or at rest, securing proprietary business information is essential....More
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    Pay Now, Save Later: The Business Case for Rugged Devices

    While this push toward mobile devices has driven incredible productivity gains, it is not without costs. Specifically, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones are at significantly greater risk of damage than traditional desktops. From drops on floors and drops into water to usage in extreme conditions, the mobile nature of these devices leaves them much more susceptible to damage than traditional desktops. The rate of failure increases each year a device is in use, ranging from 11% failing the first year to more than 20% failing by year five....More
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    Preparing For Industry 4.0: Mobility Considerations & Technology Checklist for Manufacturers

    The sentiment among IT leaders is that because mobile solutions have proven so successful in reducing production downtime and increasing productivity, the inclusion of mobility in their plant’s technology plan to deliver competitive advantages, is something that cannot be ignored....More
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    For Manufacturing Customer Service, a New Way to Look at Support

    Manufacturers are finding themselves focused more on customer engagement than product features. As the role of customer service departments becomes more strategic in response, there is increased pressure to transform what has traditionally been a cost center to a profit maker....More
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