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Ford Preps Plant for Fusion Launch With Simulated-Factory Training

Ford Preps Plant for Fusion Launch With Simulated-Factory Training

  • Mar 7, 2014

    Workforce Training Bill is Stalled in Senate

    In the past 15 years, the manufacturing industry has evolved from needing low-skilled production-type assembly workers to being highly technology-infused. It's no secret that manufacturing companies are now struggling to fill the gap for workers trained with the specific skills needed for today's advanced manufacturing jobs....More
  • Ask The Expert

    Full-time Lean Champion: Positive or Negative?

    Increasing the universe of capable people is arguably the most important first step when a business launches a new strategy....More
  • Feb 13, 2014

    The Manufacturing GPS: Where Are We Now? 2

    I was pleased when a young engineer came up to me and said that my talk had made him feel better about his career in manufacturing. I was speaking to a group this week about U.S. manufacturing – where exactly the industry was since the Great Recession ended in June 2009. So much talk has been made of a manufacturing renaissance and yet it is difficult at best to make the case that we are in the middle of one. That’s why I titled my talk “The Manufacturing GPS” – to step back and try to get our bearings. Here are some of my thoughts:...More
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