Tinker Omega Manufacturing

Tinker Omega Manufacturing
2424 Columbus Ave
Springfield, Ohio 45503
T:  937.322.2272

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Wil Tinker, President
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Ben Thomas, VP of Sales
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Mike Bodenmiller, CFO
[email protected]

Dan Williams, Service Manager
[email protected]

Jesse Elliot,  Spare Parts
[email protected]

Tinker Omega Manufacturing, an LLC based in Springfield, Ohio, continues to lead the industry as the premier supplier of chemically-bonded sand processing equipment in North America.

The result of a partnership between Wil Tinker and Mark Fenyes of Omega Foundry Machinery, Ltd. in the UK in 2001; the combination of existing technology with the depth of engineering support that Omega provided allowed Tinker Omega to became an immediate source for foundry-proven designs while developing new approaches to meet the demands of the North American market.

In business since 2001, Tinker Omega continues to combine innovative ideas, robust design and relevant technology to provide equipment that benefits our customers.  Innovations like dual, rear-hinged mixer doors introduced an ergonomically designed line of sand mixers and has proven to be a favorite in foundries worldwide.  Recent improvements such as RFID Recipe Controls, Automatic “Smart” Sand Gates and Sand Flow meters continue to allow the TOM-Series Mixers to lead their competition.

In 2008, Tinker Omega made the decision to focus on providing better control over the mixing process. This has continually improved to the point that Tinker Omega leads the industry in automated, PLC-based controls with color-graphical interface. Our NexGen2 controls are providing our customers with the kind of tools that they never had access to with a base mixer.  Calculation-free Calibration, Sand usage, a Recipe approach with individual sand and resin set-points, temperature biasing of the acid / catalyst are just a few of the tools that our customers can get as standard. It has also made upgrading to smart pumps and smart sand gates a much easier and more cost-effective proposition.

This focus on the application of controls and automation has extended to the full line of no-bake mixing, mold handling and sand reclamation equipment and systems. Tinker Omega is your resource whether you want to upgrade an existing mixer or put in a complete “green-field” foundry. Our capabilities include turnkey project engineering, installation and commissioning along with ongoing parts and engineering support.

The relationship with our sister company Omega Foundry Machinery, Ltd. has continued to develop with the acquisition in 2008 of the Richard’s Engineering line of resin coating, chromite separation and both thermal & mechanical reclamation equipment.

Our Omega Group now includes sister companies in:  Peterborough UK, Pune India, Dandenong Australia and Johannesburg South Africa.


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