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Dhaval Jadav

As the CEO of tax consultancy alliantgroup, Dhaval Jadav’s role revolves around outlining the strategic direction of the company. Under Dhaval’s leadership, alliantgroup has helped thousands of companies claim upwards of $6 million in incentives.

Dhaval is a passionate STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) supporter, as many alliantgroup clients reside in STEM driven industries. alliantgroup has run a number of philanthropy initiatives tied to getting students interested in STEM as early as elementary school. Additionally, Dhaval has helped to create a scholarship program through alliantgroup that assists high school students in the state of Texas pursue careers in STEM-related fields.

Dhaval is a graduate of Houston Baptist University and earned an LL.M. in Taxation from Georgetown Law. He began his career at a Big Four accounting firm and, in 2002, joined forces with co-founder Shane Frank to create alliantgroup. You can read more about Dhaval at alliantgroupinfo.

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