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10 Best (And 10 Worst) Jobs In America Today

Website recently compiled a list of the ten best and ten worst jobs based on five criteria: stress, physical demands, hiring outlook, compensation and work environment.

The top jobs findings were interesting: the top three were math-heavy (mathematician, actuary and statistician); there were a few IT-related positions (notably, SAP integration consultant didn't make either list); and industrial designers -- whose job description reads "Designs and develops manufactured products" -- placed 9th of 10.

Manufacturing could be said as having also cracked the 10 worst list, with Welder -- described as "Joins or repairs metal surfaces through the application of heat" -- ranking 8th of 10. Although it should be noted that the list didn't specify manufacturing as the industry of the welders, several of the other jobs -- such as dairy farmer and lumberjack in raw materials, or seaman and roustabout in shipping -- have places in the manufacturing value chain as well.

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