Will Import Duties Revive U.S. Solar Manufacturing?

The Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing hailed the Obama administration's decision to place duties on solar imports from China as a step in the right direction.

From Steve Ostrenga, chief executive officer of Helios Solar Works in Milwaukee, Wis., a founding manufacturer of the Coalition:

Today's announcement affirms what U.S. manufacturers have long known: Chinese manufacturers have received unfair and WTO-illegal subsidies.

From Carlo Santoro, director of business development at MX Solar USA in Somerset, N.J., also a founding manufacturing member of CASM:

If we address unfair trade practices in the U.S. solar market, we can get back to our business of expanding American manufacturing and jobs in the renewable energy sector. We look forward to getting back to the fair and legal competition that serves everyone best.

The Coalition pointed out that the Commerce Department intends to impose a 4.73% on U.S. imports from Trina Solar, 2.9% from Suntech, and 3.6% from all other remaining Chinese manufacturers.

Meanwhile, Chinese solar manufacturers are less than thrilled.

Suntech Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Beebe said:

Unilateral trade barriers, large or small, will further delay our transition away from fossil fuels.

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