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Conducting End-to-End Value Stream Assessments

Online Training: Conducting End-to-End Value Stream Assessments

This interactive training session will take you beyond the textbook theory of value stream mapping to the End-to-End Value Stream Assessment, demonstrating how you can dissect a process and create a workable improvement plan, from start to finish, that can be applied in your everyday workplace.

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End-to-End Value Stream Assessments eliminate ambiguity by offering organizations a structured approach for opportunity identification and selection that aligns their improvement efforts with the company’s overall strategic objectives. This focused approach maximizes a company’s return on investment, leverages existing resources and uses the expertise of knowledgeable professionals to identify opportunities in a systemized fashion.

Value stream mapping is an important tool used for understanding and analyzing processes for improvement opportunities, but have you ever finished creating the map and then thought, “Now what?” In reality, the practical execution of a value stream strategy goes well beyond the data boxes, flow lines and kaizen bursts.

As a practitioner you know a value stream map gives a good visual representation of your process. Its creation brings people together to provide a common understanding of the current state and improvement opportunities. But with a finite number of resources available in organizations today, the greatest challenge is selecting the right process improvement projects that garner the greatest benefits and developing a plan to complete those projects quickly.

This interactive training session will take you beyond the textbook theory of value stream mapping to the End-to-End Value Stream Assessment, demonstrating how you can dissect a process and create a workable improvement plan, from start to finish, that can be applied in your everyday workplace. BMGI’s nine-step methodology for Value Stream Assessment combines 14 different tools into a cohesive process that will become the core of your organization’s improvement execution strategy.

Attendees of this two-hour session will learn how to:

  • Put together a structured approach for evaluating an entire process from start to finish.
  • Identify where processes may be broken or where defects or barriers occur and document them using different value streams.
  • Evaluate project opportunities objectively, so that the organization is tackling the right problems and making the most impact.
  • Develop a pipeline and plan of which projects to execute in sequence and who will lead them.

Agenda topics:

  • Understanding the Value Stream Assessment process and deliverables
  • Creating process flow and SIPOC-R maps
  • Conducting a process walk
  • Assessing the focus area
  • Creating a current-state map
  • Completing the cause-and-effect matrix
  • Prioritizing focus area opportunities
  • Completing the future-state map and charters

Who should attend

  • Performance/operational excellence and quality leaders who are responsible for developing and executing their organization’s improvement strategy
  • Lean and Lean Six Sigma practitioners who are responsible for identifying improvement opportunities and creating improvement plans
  • Practitioners who lead kaizen rapid improvement events and value stream mapping sessions

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Included with all registrations

• A login for the live training course

• Downloadable slides for note-taking

• 1 year access to an on-demand version of the course

BONUS: Each individual and group registration includes value stream assessment templates and documents (a $49 value).

Continuing education credits

Each registration entitles you to receive continuing education credits through our partnership with the International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET).  During the training session, you'll receive instructions on how to claim your credits.

IACET continuing education credits are accepted by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and hundreds of other organizations and companies.


Choose your registration type:

Individual -- for those who want to attend the training alone. $199.

Group* -- if you want to train multiple people at your location. $399.

* Rules for groups:
A "group" consists of multiple people within a single room at a single location, viewing the training session on a single screen.  If you want to train people in multiple locations, or if each person requires their own screen to view, they must register separately.


• A CD-ROM of the training course can be added to any registration for an additional $199.


Dave Schulenberg

Dave Schulenberg has more than 25 years of experience in the strategic and tactical components of business performance, spanning multiple industries, functional areas and organizational cultures. He has personally led and/or consulted in the design, development and implementation of enterprise-wide strategic improvement programs for more than 15 organizations world-wide. Specific areas of expertise include operational excellence, business transformation, hoshin planning, Lean Six Sigma, process excellence, design excellence and change management. Dave has consulted at every organizational level from the board of directors to the shop floor. He is a Lean Master, a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, certified trainer of GE’s Change Acceleration Process (CAP), and frequent speaker on strategic improvement.

Technical Details

This training session will be conducted using a slides-and-audio format.  After you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with details for joining the training course, as well as your unique password. 

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