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Cooper-Standard Holdings

Motor Vehicle Parts
Revenue (US$ Millions)Mr. Edward A. Hasler, Vice-Chairman; Region Officer
Revenue Growth (%)$3,244
Net Income (Millions)4.96%
Common Shares Outstanding (Millions)$43
Earnings per Share$17
Price To Earnings Ratio$2.39
Total Equity (Millions)27.6
Profit Margin 1$549
Return on Equity1.32%
Long Term Debt (US$ Millions)6.92%
Debt To Equity Ratio (%)$749
Market Capitalization (US$ Millions)1.36%
Total Assets (US$ Millions)$986
Return on Assets (%)$2,133
Current Assets (US$ Millions)2.03
Inventories (US$ Millions)$1,054
Current Liabilities (US$ Millions)$167
Cost of Goods Sold (US$ Millions)$529
Asset Turnover$2,735
Inventory Turnover1.52