Microsoft Corp.

Computers & Other Electronic Products
Redmond WA
Title 1Founder
Executive 1Mr. William H. Gates, III, Founder | Founder
2015 Revenue (US$ Millions)$93,580
2014 Revenue (US$ Millions)$86,833
Revenue Growth (%)7.77%
Net Income (US$ Millions)$12,193
Common Shares Outstanding (Millions)$8,027
Earnings Per Share (US$)$1.48
Price To Earnings Ratio33.3
Total Equity (US$ Millions)$80,083
Return On Equity (%)13.58%
Long Term Debt (US$ Millions)$27,808
Debt To Equity Ratio (%)0.35%
Market Capitalization (US$ Millions)$354,392
Total Assets (US$ Millions)$176,223
Current Assets (US$ Millions)$124,712
Inventories (US$ Millions)$2,902
Current Liabilities (US$ Millions)$49,858
Cost of Goods Sold (US$ Millions)$33,038
Asset Turnover0.53
Inventory Turnover11.88