IBM Opens Supply Chain Innovation Center in China

IBM Opens Supply Chain Innovation Center in China

Center will include a carbon trade-off modeler

Computer giant IBM has opened a supply chain innovation center in Beijing, China. The Beijing Supply Chain Innovation Center will collaborate with companies to develop new supply chain solutions, based on IBM's expertise in supply chain research, business consulting services, software capabilities and its own Integrated Supply Chain group.

The center will also showcase and leverage existing industry solutions to help companies expand and grow their integrated supply chain capabilities, including:

Virtual Command Center, a service-oriented architecture-based supply chain visibility solution that integrates and synchronizes supply, demand and logistics information. The solution is designed to help companies gain visibility into the status and performance of their supply chain to facilitate more effective decision-making in a sense-and-respond environment.

Supply Chain Optimization tools and modelers, which enable companies to design and operate agile and adaptable supply chain processes and networks.

Carbon Trade-off Modeler helps companies include carbon output -- footprinting -- as a key variable when optimizing the supply chain, allowing them to understand the outcome of critical trade-offs.

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