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An Exporter's Guide to Working Capital Loan Guarantees

For U.S. businesses, international markets can represent both tremendous opportunities and special challenges. A primary obstacle for exporters is the inability to secure dependable financing.

EXIM loan guarantees are a powerful tool for U.S. exporters. Firms can borrow more with the same collateral, give their foreign buyers the assurance needed to win international projects, and increase their competitiveness abroad.

The nuts and bolts are simpler than one might imagine. This guide offers a snapshot of the value, process, and applicability of an EXIM working capital loan guarantee, including:

  • The Value of a Working Capital Loan Guarantee
  • How It Works
  • The Application Process
  • Case Study: CECA Supply & Services Inc.
  • Eligibility, Regulations, and Fees

Paper contributed by EXIM