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What The Top Supply Chain Centers Do Best

Seeking out the secrets of the best-in-class supply chain centers, Best Practices, a Chapel Hill, N.C-based research and consulting firm, surveyed 200 companies in 30 industries. To become successful companies should;

  • Set performance metrics for order management & distribution center operations.
  • Use new technology and drive automation in order management processes.
  • Ensure high satisfaction levels internally and externally.
  • Define, measure and communicate value to internal and external customers.

These strategies translated into business practices.

  • Top companies;Use activity-based costing universally to increase visibility of operational costs.
  • Enhance CSR authority and training to deliver proactive customer service.
  • Drive cycle time reductions everywhere through six sigma teams and use of cycle time metrics.

For a free copy of the whitepaper (study) visit!OpenDocument

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