Top Markets Series: Manufacturing Technology

The United States is a major global producer of manufacturing technology, including emerging sectors like additive manufacturing. With over $8.1 billion worth of exported machinery in 2015, U.S. producers provide a broad array of high-tech equipment to industrial end-users in markets around the world.

Export growth of manufacturing technology, broadly categorized as the equipment used to produce other equipment, is largely tied to economic growth in industrialized markets, particularly in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific regions.

This ITA Top Markets report attempts to provide insight to companies and U.S. government trade agencies by assessing foreign markets and ranking them based on export potential. Based on trade data and global industrial indices, along with market intelligence from U.S. Foreign Commercial Service Officers, our rankings represent the best current understanding of market opportunities. The report provides exporters with detailed assessments of selected markets by providing five country case studies to illustrate a variety of points for comparison.

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