Top Markets Series: Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry remains one of the most vibrant, fast-changing, and transformative sectors of the global economy. Technology improvements, cost declines, and the catalytic influence of new financing structures, have turned the sector into a driver of economic growth - both in the United States and around the world.

Global clean energy investment, including renewable energy, totaled more than $329 billion in 2015. Because the cost of most renewable energy technologies continued its downward trend, the world's investment supported an unprecedented deployment of new renewable energy projects despite the availability of extremely cheap fossil fuels.

This Top Markets Report provides analysis on key trends, areas of opportunity, and important challenges that exporters need to know in order to compete effectively in foreign markets. It offers projections for potential exports in the 2016-2017 time frame, as well as eight country case studies from a variety of geographic regions (Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, India, Mexico, Japan, and South Africa) with more in-depth information. The report, which builds on earlier versions published in 2014 and 2015, also includes subsector-specific projections.

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