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Online Training: Customer Job Mapping: Moving Beyond the Value Stream

An online training course produced by IndustryWeek, in partnership with BMGI

Date: This webinar is now available On-Demand.
Event Type: On-Demand Webinar
Cost: $199

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Value stream mapping has long been a tool for ensuring that you deliver on today's promises to customers as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.  But what will you deliver tomorrow?  How can you evolve what you provide faster and better than your competitors?

Some answer these questions by collecting the "voice of the customer" -- asking customers what they want next, or which features and functions they want you to improve.  But this approach has risks.  For one, how do you know that your customers really know what they want, or what is possible?

Most customers don’t know how to ask for anything outside the existing paradigm.  They’ll ask for a lawnmower that has better features or functions, but they won’t ask for a genetically engineered grass seed that grows to one length and stays there forever.

Customer job mapping is about doing what you do differently, rather than just better.  It focuses not so much on your specific products, but on the "jobs" customers are trying to get done by using what they buy from you.

This session will show you how to examine your customers' jobs to be done, which in turn will enable you to surface your customers' hidden needs -- needs even they’re challenged to articulate.  Then you can assess how well you meet these needs (or expectations) relative to competitors.  Finally, you can use any number of techniques to either improve your current products (or processes) or successfully innovate new ones.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, this Customer Job Mapping session is for you.  Are you:

  • Unfamiliar with how the concept of jobs to be done can lead you to performance and product breakthroughs?
  • Frustrated with traditional voice-of-the-customer tools that never seem to capture the imagination or inspire innovation?
  • Unsatisfied with improvement programs and projects that fall short of meeting customer and performance expectations?
  • Feeling like your company wants to evolve but can’t 1) bring structure, focus and clarity to the task and 2) manage the costs and risks associated with making larger improvement leaps?

This big value of this training course is that it will teach you a systematic and structured process for making breakthroughs and innovations -- a process that is typically messy, uncontrolled, full of risk and ineffective.  Using what you learn in this session, you can make customer job mapping an integral part of your improvement and innovation efforts. Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to identify the job to be done
  • The customer job mapping process
  • The anatomy of a customer job map
  • Diagnosing unmet customer needs through analysis
  • Common pitfalls of voice-of-the-customer methods and how to avoid them
  • Clues to finding ideal solutions for customers
  • How to collect data on true customer needs

Course agenda:
    Value stream mapping vs. customer job mapping
    Understanding the customer job map
        The job to be done
        Managing customer needs
        Value creation model
    Creating a customer job map
        Job to be done
        Job scoping
        Outcome expectations
        Value analysis
        Value quotient
        Ideal improvement
    The improvement portfolio
    Questions and answers with the instructor

Who should attend

  • Lean and Lean Six Sigma practitioners looking for a robust tool to boost their project results.
  • Process excellence leaders who are responsible for identifying and scoping projects.
  • Business leaders with responsibility for understanding customer needs and performance expectations.
  • Process and product owners tasked with the objective to innovate.


Included with all registrations:

  • On-demand training course
  • Downloadable slides for note-taking
  • Continuing education credits -- see details below


  • A CD-ROM can be added to any registration for an additional $199 per session.

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Continuing education credits

Each registration entitles you to receive continuing education credits for one person through our partnership with the International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET).  During the training session, you'll receive instructions on how to claim your credits.

IACET continuing education credits are accepted by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and hundreds of other organizations and companies.


Wes Waldo
Chief Operating Officer

William "Wes" Waldo is a disciplined, organized and highly respected leader.  As BMGI's Chief Operating Officer, he leverages more than 15 years of quality, operations management and process improvement experience as he strives for perfection in BMGI's sales, marketing and internal processes.  Wes' appointment as COO follows many years as a Lean master consultant, Lean product manager and nearly two years as practice leader for BMGI's manufacturing team.  A respected authority in his field, he co-authored the manual A Team Leader's Guide to Kaizen Events, and contributed to The Complete Idiot's Guide to Lean Six Sigma and The Innovator's Toolkit.  Wes enjoys working with a wide variety of organizations from healthcare to high-end technology manufacturing, especially in the development of their strategic planning.

More information

This training session will be conducted using a slides-and-audio format.  After you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with details for joining the training course, as well as your unique password.


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