Webinar: Benefiting from the IIoT thanks to Process Drives

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Originally Broadcast: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 | 2:00 p.m. EDT (GMT -5, New York)
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The industry of tomorrow will be different. More volatile markets, new technology capabilities, and increased pressure on performance will precipitate the change. But with change comes opportunity…the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has unleashed huge potential for industrial customers to be more responsive, connected and efficient. There is a reported $14 trillion of new business growth up for grabs – and a goal of better business performance can help you earn your fair share of that growth. How can you make the most of this potential?

As IIoT begins to evolve, clear industrial trends are emerging:

  • Digitization across industries is often thought of as revolutionary, but in fact it is an evolution of a few distinct market and technology changes – ubiquitous connectivity, mobility, cloud and analytics
  • Digitization is enabled by connected products – an IIoT device is a smart device (which has built-in intelligence to gather data) that is connected (giving that device the capability of passing along that gathered data)
  • Connected products represent only part of the picture. Automation companies like Schneider Electric provide integrated systems from shop floor to top floor with end to-end built-in cybersecurity
  • IIoT-ready devices already exist within your plant…although you may not know it

The latest generation of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are “smart” devices and a prime example of the IIoT benefits for today’s industrial processes. This webcast will explore these innovative, connected VFDs and how their advanced capabilities for energy management, asset protection, and process optimization elevate them beyond traditional “shaft turning” to the full realization of the Industrial Internet of Things.




Richard Jennens, Senior Product Specialist, Process Drives, Schneider Electric

Richard Jennens has 24 years of experience in Industrial and Process Automation in Services, Project and Product Management in Asia and the US. Richard has been working for Schneider Electric USA since 2011 and is currently the Product Manager for High Performance Drives for the US, focusing on how VFD’s can provide process efficiency and productivity improvements.


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