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Webinar: Insider Insights - Scaling Custom Manufacturing with 3D Printing

An on-demand IndustryWeek-hosted webinar, sponsored by Formlabs

Date: This webinar is now available on-demand
Originally Broadcast: Thursday, November 16, 2017, 2:00 p.m. EST (GMT -5, New York)
Duration: 1 Hour
Event Type: On-Demand Webinar
Cost: Free

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True, one-of-a-kind mass customization has been difficult to bring to market. While products like Invisalign have successfully scaled, barriers to cost-effective production have largely prevented other companies from delivering products that are fundamentally personalized for every customer.

Recent advancements in 3D printing, however, promise to lift these barriers. Manufacturers of all sizes are scaling production of parts with a high degree of customization, from short runs of art and engineering pieces to mass fabrication of unique consumer products at multinational companies like New Balance.

In this webinar, Jon Bruner, director of Formlabs’ Digital Factory program and former editor at Forbes Magazine and O’Reilly Media, shares his insights on where the industry is headed, and how manufacturers can leverage additive manufacturing technologies to get there faster.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The competitive advantages of customization
  • Challenges and best practices for scaling customization from one-offs to mass production
  • An overview of additive manufacturing and other digital manufacturing processes that can support mass customization, with a look at upcoming technological advancements that will change the field
  • Actionable lessons from companies already leveraging 3D printing to achieve mass customization




Jon Bruner, Director, Digital Factory, Formlabs

Jon Bruner is the director of the Digital Factory program at Formlabs, which aims to bring advanced digital fabrication to every industry. Before joining Formlabs, he oversaw O’Reilly Media’s publications and conferences related to electronics, manufacturing, and industrial design. He started his career as a journalist at Forbes Magazine, where, as Data Editor, he combined programming and writing to investigate topics as wide-ranging as the dams on the Columbia River and migration patterns between U.S. counties.

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