Webinar: It is 2018, So why isn’t my ERP Modern? Why Multi-Tenancy Matters!

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Date: This webinar is available on-demand.
Originally Broadcast: Thursday, October 25, 2018 | 2:00 p.m. EDT (GMT -4, New York)
Duration: 1 Hour
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Your business, competition, and industry are changing materially and frequently, but, sadly, not all of your technology partners got the memo. In fact, some ERP vendors have been dragging their feet when it comes to cloud, multi-tenancy, and other innovations. As your organization embarks on its modernization journey, what should you use as your transformation yardstick?

Join Brian Sommer, founder of Vital Analysis, as he discusses why multi-tenancy (and other factors!) matter in ERP software today. He will explain:

  • The generational changes that define modern ERP software
  • How multi-tenancy, platforms, AI and more are altering your technology strategy and business cases
  • The key requirements manufacturers want from ERP providers today
  • Why your firm might not meet the ‘transformation’ demands of your board with the constrained technologies of yesteryear



Brian Sommer, Enterprise Software Industry Analyst, Vital Analysis

Enterprise software industry analyst Brian Sommer covers the ERP, finance and HR sectors for Diginomica and other publications. Brian began his career began by re-writing a payroll/time-reporting system for a fast food chain and subsequently reworked, implemented, implemented, etc. numerous application software systems. He went on to run Accenture’s Global Software Intelligence organization where he advised hundreds of clients on software selection and shared services initiatives. Brian also headed up Accenture’s Global HR Center of Excellence and its Global Finance/Performance Management Center of Excellence. More recently, Brian has been a consultant to and an expert witness for major software litigation cases and anti-trust matters. He remains involved in numerous software strategy and selection efforts. 

Brian has won the Software Advice’s 2011 Authority Award – ERP Expert (2011) and numerous ERP Writers' Awards. He has keynoted numerous software conferences globally including events for NetSuite, PeopleSoft, Sage and many more. Brian is guest lecturer at major university MBA programs. He has a BBA (Marketing) and a MBA (Finance) from the University of Texas at Austin.

Tom Brennan, CMO, Rootstock

Tom Brennan is Rootstock’s CMO. Tom has 30 years of professional experience in ERP and business software. He has held many executive roles including being at Financial Force where he was the VP of Marketing. 

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