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Webinar: Upfront Plastics Simulation for the Full-Stack Engineer

An on-demand IndustryWeek-hosted webinar, sponsored by Autodesk

Date: This webinar is available on-demand.
Time: Wednesday, November 7, 2018 | 2:00 p.m. EST (GMT -5, New York)
Duration: 1 Hour
Event Type: On-Demand Webinar
Cost: Free

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The cost of change significantly increases as a part progresses from a concept to production. Having easy to use tools “spell-checking’ plastic part design and catching potential manufacturing pitfalls early can really save time and money. In this webinar you’ll learn how designers and engineers can:

  • Avoid and solve common mistakes in plastic part design early in the process
  • Evaluate the effect of design changes on manufacturability since most of the part cost is determined early in design
  • Communicate potential issues upstream to drive better collaboration and team tribal knowledge

Moldflow is celebrating 40 years as the trusted market leader in plastic injection molding simulation software that helps reduce manufacturing defects.  Join us and see how engineers are using Moldflow Adviser to aid them with their plastic part designs.



Jeff Higgins, Technical Specialist Moldflow SME, Autodesk

Jeff has been with Autodesk since the acquisition of Moldflow in 2008. As the Named Accounts Technical Specialist for the Named Accounts Team, Jeff’s duties include helping major accounts grow simulation business within their accounts and working with Simulation Major Accounts overlays to increase Simulation activities.  Prior to joining Autodesk, Jeff was with Moldflow for 12 years, and worked as an application engineer to the Automotive Industry. During that time, Jeff worked to build confidence in simulation with Automotive OEM’s and Tier level suppliers to implement Moldflow, and certify users with Moldflow software.  Prior to joining Moldflow, Jeff was a process engineer at Adams Manufacturing.  Jeff was responsible for processing and maintaining manufacturing on a 35 press manufacturing facility.

Technical Details

This webinar will be conducted using a slides-and-audio format.  After you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with details for joining the webinar.

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