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Artificial Intelligence in ERP: Should Manufacturers Expect a Huge Boost in Productivity?

IndustryWeek-hosted webinar sponsored by Rootstock

This webinar was originally broadcast on August 24, 2023. Now Available On Demand! 

Sponsor: Rootstock

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Just when you thought you understood Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, rapid advancements in technology are calling best practices and assumptions into question. AI isn't just for world-dominating robots or generating song lyrics about hip-joint grinding that sounds like they were written by John Lennon.

AI provides a new horizon that promises to revolutionize the way we approach ERP, unlocking unprecedented opportunities for efficiency, accuracy and intelligent decision-making.

Join this webinar as we delve into the future of AI in ERP and explore the transformative potential it holds for organizations worldwide.

During the webinar, our esteemed panel of industry experts will:

  • Explore the cutting-edge AI technologies that are reshaping ERP landscapes, such as machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics.
  • Discuss the potential benefits of AI-powered ERP, such as enhanced decision-making capabilities, streamlined processes, improved productivity and cost savings.
  • Address data privacy, ethics and security concerns and considerations related to AI implementation.
  • Provide insights into the future trends and advancements in AI that will further revolutionize ERP systems.

Whether you are an IT professional, a business leader or an ERP user, this webinar is your gateway to understanding the future possibilities of AI in ERP and how it can transform your organization.

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Andrew Russo | Salesforce Architect | BACA Systems
Raj Badarinath | Chief Marketing & Product Officer | Rootstock

Peter Coffee | VP for Strategic Research | Salesforce

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