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Scaling Success Stories: Mastering Multi-Site Technology Deployments for Manufacturing Excellence

An IndustryWeek-hosted webinar sponsored by Tulip

This webinar was originally broadcast on October 19, 2023. 

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With manufacturing capacity and demand hitting recent highs (according to Deloitte*), scaling promising technology implementations has become one of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers. If every new tool in the box requires custom implementation and lengthy development processes, can they really be that helpful?

We have moved beyond the era of using one system for everything, but too many systems with too much customization can create massive headaches.

Join Brian McGarvey — Global Customer Account Manager and Tulip’s in-house guru for implementing complex, multi-facility solutions — and team as they discuss how manufacturers can effectively manage a multi-site deployment of their tech stack, taking deep dives into:

  • The cultural shift from industrial automation to worker augmentation that needs to take place in order to scale technology across multiple sites
  • How to break the tension between IT and OT stakeholders
  • Ways to share best practices and learning across facilities to accelerate a deployment’s time-to-value
  • Success metrics to monitor – and pitfalls to watch out for along the way

You’ll also hear insights from manufacturing leaders like Plug Power who have worked collaboratively within their organizations to replicate digital best practices across sites and scale solutions with governance.

*Deloitte’s 2023 Manufacturing Industry Outlook


Brian McGarvey | Global Account Manager | Tulip

Brian McGarvey is the Global Account Manager at Tulip for enterprise general manufacturing customers.  In his role, Brian partners with customer stakeholders to enable the adoption of Tulip at enterprise scale, maximize value creation from the Tulip platform, and ensure overall customer success. One of his main customers is Stanley Black & Decker

Prior to Tulip, Brian worked as a strategy consultant for PwC’s Strategy&, where he focused on serving clients in the manufacturing and automotive industries for corporate, business, and operations strategy.  He previously served in the US Navy as a submarine officer.

Brian Haselton | Enterprise Solutions Lead | Tulip

Brian Haselton is a Solutions Lead at Tulip for enterprise general manufacturing customers. Brian assists customers through their deployment of Tulip, providing solution architecture and app-building best practices. In this role, he also provides training to on-site personnel to manage their current applications and develop novel solutions post-deployment. One of his primary customers is Stanley Black & Decker.

Prior to Tulip, Brian worked in Manufacturing and Process Engineering roles, where he lived the challenges of manufacturing himself. He originally studied chemical engineering.

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