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Smart Factory and Its Impact on Discrete Manufacturing

An IndustryWeek-hosted webinar sponsored by GE Digital

This webinar was originally broadcast on October 31, 2023. 

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Labor disruptions, a shortage of IT resources, cobbled together plant systems, and lots of data but not the right data or visibility. Does this sound familiar?

Learn how discrete manufacturers are overcoming these challenges by applying Smart Factory innovation and digital transformation to:

  • Consolidate, visualize, and control multiple operations in real time
  • Ease time for decision making and elevate critical insights
  • Improve operations agility for remote or mobile workers
  • Delight customers with product performance and innovation
  • Optimize labor resource planning, scheduling, and tracking

In this Industry Week webinar, systems experts share real-world examples for how discrete leaders are effectively transforming their operations to streamline high-mix and variable production processes while combatting emerging market pressures. By integrating plant floor manufacturing technologies with enterprise ERP software in the cloud, multi-site manufacturers can achieve first-time right quality, true cost accuracy, and modernize their labor tracking.

See how plant directors use real time communications as well as digital quality control and assurance records to avoid costly errors from the start and while work is in process. Innovative operators are also using cloud-based manufacturing to build smart notification systems powered by rapid data analysis. These may identify nonconformance to routing, work instructions, BOMs, and specifications to help teams improve operational excellence, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction.

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Joe Gerstl | Sr. Director – Product Management | GE Digital

Joe Gerstl is the Senior Director of Product Management for GE Digital’s Manufacturing Software. He has worked in the software industry and in manufacturing for over 30 years spending time in various roles including engineering, sales and product management while working at leading companies such as Microsoft and now GE Digital.

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