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The State of ESG in Manufacturing

Jan. 24, 2023
Dive into this report to learn where the current state of manufacturing ESG is and more.

Sustainability is fast becoming an essential part of doing business. Stakeholders such as consumers, investors, and regulators are thinking more and more about the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) maturity of the companies they work with. They want to see manufacturers, like you, making a positive impact on the world through their operations and supply chain, and they want to do business with companies that want to do, and manufacture, good things. Yet, 75% of manufacturers lack confidence in their partners and suppliers' ability to support their organization's supply chain ESG/sustainability goals.

This report will cover: 

  • A supply chain ESG overview
  • Key findings like program maturity, investments in sustainability, etc. 
  • Why over two-thirds of manufacturers expect their investment in ESG programs to increase in 2023
  • The accuracy and quality of supply chain data 
  • Best practices to boost sustainability programs 

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