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Celestica Decreases Time-to-Hire Through Remarkable Efficiency Plays

March 8, 2023
Celestica, a leader in manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain solutions, needed a recruiting tool to enable their team to attract talent for niche roles, get full-funnel analytics, and complement their ATS. Here's why they chose Gem.

As “the brand behind the big-name brands,” Celestica isn’t a household name. The team struggled with brand awareness and getting applicants for niche engineering roles in a hot talent market.

With Gem, Celestica saw a dramatic decrease in time-to-fill within the first 30 days, hiring nine engineers across three countries. In 90 days, the team extended 808 offers, seeing a remarkable 87% offer-accept rate. Read the story to learn how Celestica achieved hiring success with Gem.

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