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Is Your OT Safe from Attacks?

April 4, 2023
Attacks on PLCs and SCADA increased over 2000% in 2021. But IT security mechanisms don’t always apply to OT as-is, and OT systems are often easier targets. Learn how to create a transparent and secure OT system in this free report.

Targeted cyberattacks on industrial facilities are on the rise, as are the costs they generate.

Learn how you can connect your IT and OT, regardless of the manufacturer, to create a transparent and secure overall system, including answers to:

  • How can IT managers achieve unified, secure asset management?
  • What are the security needs of today’s networked production environments?
  • How can we secure our OT production and avoid downtime?
  • How are companies already protecting themselves against OT Cyberattacks?
  • And more!
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