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Enabling Rapid Growth in Mid-Size Manufacturing via Cloud Solutions

July 10, 2023
Read this Executive Summary to learn how modernizing ERP can drive organizational growth and how cloud-based solutions can lower up-front costs and ease the rollout of new technology.

Big new orders and aggressive ramp-up schedules for production are great for the future of growing businesses, but managing the complexities of higher volumes can threaten companies’ ability to execute.

In a recent Webinar, we discussed some of the change drivers encountered in these industry subsegments, challenges unique to these types of manufacturers, and how they can overcome obstacles and meet their growth ambitions through a modernization of their ERP systems and supporting solutions. 

In this summary you will learn: 

  • Steps involved in rationalizing legacy processes against fit-to-standard cloud-based ERP best practices 
  • Necessary support required from vendors and partners to execute a move to a cloud-based ERP 
  • Methods of continued innovation and customization while working with a “clean core” ERP 
  • Future-proofing a cloud-based ERP and attracting talent through the use of the latest low-code and no-code technologies and the thoughtful application of ML technologies 

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