Patricia Moody

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Patricia E. Moody is a writer and manufacturing and supply management consultant with over 30 years of management consulting, hundreds of articles and interviews, speeches, and 12 books to her credit. She is the publisher of Blue Heron Journal, an online resource for thought-leaders and decision makers.

Named by FORTUNE magazine one of the "Ten Pioneering Women in Manufacturing," she was featured on CNN's "21ST CENTURY WITH BERNARD SHAW."  Her consulting client list includes Motorola, Respironics, British Petroleum, Waste Management, and Cisco. She consulted to Johnson & Johnson's McNeil Consumer Labs during the Tylenol poisoning crisis and is credited with saving the company.  She has an MBA and an Honorary Doctorate.

A pragmatic visionary and self-confessed technology freak, she has little patience for laggards who have dwelled too long on one-note methodologies. She believes that a combination of technology, clear process, and progressive leadership, funded by smart spend management can save endangered companies.

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