Study the manufacturing operations management strategies and best practices of companies that have achieved world-class results in quality, productivity, cost and other benchmarks. You’ll find case studies and company profiles detailing how manufacturers leverage production—using the latest continuous improvement, lean/Six Sigma and related approaches—for a competitive advantage.

-- Coverage is led by Senior Editor Jill Jusko, who also coordinates IndustryWeek’s Best Plants Awards Program, which annually salutes the leading manufacturing facilities in North America, the IW Best Plants Benchmarking Database, and the IW Best Plants Statistical Profile.

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2013 IW Best Plants Winners: Peak Performers

  • Apr 22, 2014

    Energy Change You Can't Believe In 2

    Manufacturers in a recent poll say they are skeptical about an "energy premium" and, if one comes, unlikely to spend the windfall on more workers....More
  • Bill Wilder-Learning is Change
    Apr 17, 2014

    Are You Resistance?

    People do not resist change. They love it. They seek it out. They sacrifice money and time to get it. Why else would they play the lottery or join a gym or do just about anything else they do?...More

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